Examples of Social Proof

Published on 19 October, 2022 | 378 views | 2 minutes read

In online marketing, one of the ways to generate strong branding for your business is to show social proof.

In online marketing, one of the ways to generate strong branding for your business is to show social proof. This concept showcases how your business is viewed by many followers as well as popular influencers, and their feedback is translated into visuals that showcase your business in a positive light. A major step toward strong social proof is having it prominently displayed on your website and online presence. With these components in mind, here are tips you can use to show social proof on your website.

Provide Easy Options to Leave Feedback

One of the most effective and recognizable pieces of social proof is reviews. When you think about ordering a product, you may spend time reading some of the reviews from exiting customers before taking the next step. It is important to have your business stand out with positive testimonials and reviews from customers. This is where having an effective feedback procurement system on your website is important. Once you have reviews added, make them visible throughout your website. In addition, you can give new customers the ability to write reviews by placing feedback sections or comment forms on the product or service areas of your website. By doing this strategically, you can organically grow the social proof presence on your website.

Show Active Sales Notifications

When customers see in real-time that a product is being sold by the minute, they can actively see it's in high demand. In addition, this conveys the declining quantity of the product, so they feel more compelled to make a purchase so they don't miss out. You can set up these sales notifications to occupy a small portion of the lower part of your website's screen. You can also set up a ticker display that follows the user wherever they browse on the page -- by doing this, you can give those alerts more of a real-time feel.

Add Trust Badges

Trust badges, or trust seals, can show that your products or website are safe and certified. In addition, some services or industries where professionals are required to be certified may place more emphasis on having these seals and badges on your website. For example, a plumbing company might place a seal that they are officially certified by their state to do professional services for homeowners in that area. If you are in this type of business, it's important to ensure you place the seals and certifications in the most prominent places on your website.

Showcase Notable Stats

Another form of social proof on your site is prominently displaying notable stats and figures that give your brand some distinction. These can include showing the number of customers that have bought your products and use them in their homes. In addition, if customers see that your product or business already has a strong social following, they may feel more compelled to follow you to see what the fuss is about. There is another layer of comfort in knowing that a significant number of people are already showing positive responses to a product.

With these factors and strategies, you can creatively use many ways to add social proof to your website. The difference in customer engagement and quality can be profound when you add these variables to your website. In addition, social proof builds on itself, which means the more you have, the more you can accumulate as well. As you work with your team to build out your website, use these strategies to strengthen your social proof.

Last updated on: 19 October, 2022