What is Social Proof Marketing?

Published on 16 October, 2022 | 888 views | 4 minutes read

Social proof can be utilized as a powerful marketing tool, if you know how. Here's some quick tips on getting started.

In general, people like to be reassured before making a purchase or working with someone. Reputation and brand image is everything, and in this digital age where everyone has internet access, there's nowhere to hide from your potential customers. Having a track record of success speaks volumes about your business, and makes people much more confident about trusting you and your services. As such, social proof can be utilized as a powerful marketing tool, if you know how best to do so. Here are some tips about using social proof to your advantage.

Social Proof - the Most Powerful Marketing Technique 

Social proof is both a social and psychological phenomenon that's related to a 'herd mentality' or conformity. As social animals, we often look to what other people are feeling or doing before making a choice ourselves. If the majority believe something, then individuals are more likely to side with them. When it comes to business, this explains why some companies become more and more popular, while others struggle to get off the ground. People like to be reassured that what they're buying is already well-loved and has a good reputation, and if you're marketing your brand this gives you an excellent strategy to employ.   

Social Proof and Brand Image

We all know that certain brands have an image of quality or luxury, and this is reflected in their pricing. Having a stellar reputation is invaluable in the world of business, as it can be the difference between a customer choosing your product over a cheaper and 'less desirable' competitor's, even if they're essentially the same. It didn't happen by chance, though. The reputations of successful businesses have been carefully cultivated with social proof in mind, and this can be seen all over their websites, advertising campaigns and other marketing materials. You've got to make sure that you're using social proof to make your point, though, rather than undermine it.   

Don't Confuse Positive & Negative Social Proof

Many businesses realize the importance of social proof, but then stumble in their execution of a marketing strategy. This is because they focus on negative rather than positive social proof. Negative social proof is essentially highlighting the fact that a lot of people are doing the opposite of what you want them to, such as: "millions of people don't bother with a digital marketing campaign". Instead of persuading people to change their minds, this just reaffirms that the majority of people don't see this as a valuable strategy, so why should they? On the other hand, positive social proof, demonstrating that many other people are doing something has the opposite effect and is very successful. For instance: "x people are already using this strategy/product". This will make prospective customers and clients wonder why so many people are doing something that they're not. If you're looking to include social proof on your website or marketing materials, then make sure it's positive, not negative.  

Simple Examples of Using Social Proof on Your Website

Now you know a bit more about the importance of social proof, and making sure it's the right kind, you have to utilize it to your advantage. Your website is the perfect place to demonstrate the pedigree and success of your brand, and show visitors what others think of it. Here are a few quick yet effective methods that can really make a difference:  

Testimonials - these are a tried and tested method of social proof that will almost certainly yield results. Who's to say you didn't make them up, though? This is where including a picture of the person next to their quote can help allay any doubts. Add some clear CTA's onto the page, to help make the most of your testimonials.  

Product Reviews - studies have shown that people are much more likely to buy a product if there are existing reviews, all things being equal. No one likes to take a gamble on an unknown quantity, so as long as your products are good enough, reviews helps solidify a positive impression in people's minds. 

Brand logos - telling your reader some of the big name brands you've worked with is great, but showing them is even better. Include clearly visible brand logos - if there are any instantly recognizable ones people will be reassured.  

Case studies and Customer Stories - spelling out how you helped a business or person is a great form of social proof. If you can write about a relatable scenario then the reader can identify with the story and will be more likely to view your business favorably.  

Smarter Marketing Methods

If you put some of these simple principles into practice, then you've got a good chance of hitting a home run with your marketing strategies and building a great brand image. The most successful and well-respected brands have already adopted these ideas, so it's essential for you to follow some of these proven techniques if you're going to make a splash in a competitive marketplace. Analyze your data to see which pages or campaigns are working and which aren't. For those that are struggling, see if you can implement some of the social proof methods leadsnag.com has to offer - you'll be amazed at the difference it can make to the success of your business.

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